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What We Do

We offer full private military/security services

Our Services

Below are some of the many services we offer:

    • Identity & Access Control Management Systems
    • Fences Buried Detection / Electric Fences / Razor Mesh
    • E-Field Sensors / Alarm System
    • IR Beams – Indoor & Outdoor
    • Network Security Cameras
    • Energy & Corporate Transfers, Plant Acquisitions/Logistics.
    • Road Projects
  • Mobile and Static
  • Convoy
  • Maritime
  • Airport
  • Bodyguard(PSD)
  • Helicopter
  • Air Transport
  • Medical Support
  • Dedicated Communication Network Systems
  • Ammunitions
  • Other Military Supplies
  • Weapons
  • Command & Staff Training
  • Small Unit Training
  • Leadership Development
  • S.E.R.E
  • Embed Advisors
  • End-to-End Pro Drone Services
Strategic Partnerships

Project Atlantic Transfer, Inc is a United States based company registered in the state of Wisconsin. We are synergy of professionals and partnerships from around the world that bring peace and security through highly skilled disciplines. Please take a moment to drop us a line, always confidentially.

Professional Assessments

We live in a connected, fast moving, ever changing, and complex world. When it comes to security there is no stopping. The only solution is  to continue to adopt Professional Assessments to your situation. Just like an old saying: “To get where you’re going you must first know where you are.” Critical with security.

The world is connected, are you connected with the professionals that understand the complexity of security?

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Good critical thinking, good services. Your safety preserves your life!,

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