Our Services

Below are some of the many private military/security services we offer:

Our services include:

  • Strategic, operational, and tactical planning
  • Operational research and analysis
  • Weapons and weapon platform selection
  • Independent defence reviews
  • Armed Forces restructuring
  •  Structural reviews and Asset Management
  •  Crisis Management and Contingency Planning
  • Threat analysis
  • Project estimates
  • And will assist in non-conflict support to law and order.
  • Counter-narcotics programs
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Combating organised crime
  • Protection of natural resources and key installations
  • Anti-poaching operations
  • Anti-smuggling operations
  • Revenue protection
  • Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement

Support Operations:

  • We will provide seconded high calibre individuals, or specialty units to support a government’s own armed forces on operations.
  •  Command and Control, Communications, and Intelligence Teams
  • Special Forces Units (including counter terrorist and counter narcotics)
  • Air Assault Operations
  • Rapid Reaction Forces
  • Maritime Special Warfare Units
  • Pilots and Engineers
  • Fire support co-ordination teams
  • Body guard/close protection teams
  • Logistical Support
  • Election monitoring and polling station security
  • Integration/demilitarization of warring factions
  • Combat medical assistance
  • Medical Hearts and Minds Campaigns
  • Iraq Operations
  • Convoy Security
  • PSD teams
  • Training Advisory teams


  • We offer a wide variety of specialist training designed to suit the needs of our clients.
  • We supply dedicated and specialised teams to train your personnel to the highest level of security, close protection, defensive and offensive military tasks.
  • Conventional Forces Training
  • Advanced Military Skills
  •  Special Forces selection, assessment and training
  •  Police and Paramilitary Training
  • Basic and advanced RECON/RECCE training
  •  Intelligence and psychological operations training
  •  Humanitarian and disaster relief operations training
  • Mine awareness/mine clearance training
  • EOD/IED Mines in COIN
  •  BAC clearance and mine awareness training
  • Maritime operations and maritime interdiction training

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