About Us

About Us

We continue to march forward

Security matters are not localized.

Whether you are a private business, a government agency, or a country, there are security concerns inside and outside your perimeter.The world is connected; however, are you connected with the professionals that understand the complexity of security?

PATI offers that Professional services to whom and where requested except in United States.

We live in a connected, fast moving, ever changing, and complex world. When it comes to security there is no stopping. The only solution is to continue to march your situation with our Professional Assessments like an old saying; “To get where you’re going you must first know where you are.” Critical with security.

We offer professional security assessments. Surveillance, Drone security 24/7, IT including complete certified systems security, systems auditor, network security, including risk and information systems control. We will advise on security strategies, present and future, implementation and written policies.

Need Help With Your Security?

Call: (210) 900-6930

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